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Indulge yourself with our luxurious triple scented candles

Evoke an indulgent ambience to share with loved ones. Turn to long-burning designer candles. Let the complex perfume profiles of our triple scented candles transport you to exotic places.

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Scented candles create memories

We have created the best scented candles for any occasion, from romantic evenings to corporate spaces to enticing environments. The Fox Co. uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure each candle in our range creates a uniquely delightful sensory experience. With atmospheric combinations of scented candles, the right sounds and luxurious tastes, textures and illumination, you can totally transform any space – making a setting that can create moments to cherish.

Why many scented candles don’t deliver

It’s difficult to find quality scented candles that deliver the same bouquet once lit as they do when you smell them on the rack at the shop. Also, many scented candles only yield burn times of a mere 3 hours – barely lasting the length of a dinner party or open-house.

So, while it’s tempting to purchase scented candles based on an in-store sniff-test and a low price tag, there’s always a compromise on quality.

Further, have you ever experienced scented candles that somehow didn’t smell quite right or just didn’t seem to “suit” your home? The reason may be because it was a foreign-made candle and the unique scent profile of the source country’s air has been infused unintentionally. The result is a fragrance “base note” that is subtly off-kilter for Australia.

Experience the delight of triple scented candles

Hand-poured in Australia from the highest quality eco-friendly elements, we’ve created the best scented candles with amazingly long burn times. Just like a fine perfume, our designer candles possess distinct top, middle and bottom notes. Therefore known as “triple scented candles”, these intricately layered perfumes provide complexity, delight and intrigue while never being overpowering or sickly.

By selecting eco-friendly waxes and wicks to combine with our layered perfumes, we deliver exceptional value and quality in our range of designer candles.

The Fox Co. Australia

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